Before you go any further, go back to the beach or your hotel room to complete 100 burpees for time. Then, come back to this page within two hours of completing the benchmark “Traveling CrossFitters” WOD.

By now, you shall have completed the benchmark WOD and are ready to work your brain.

What do the following exercises have in common?

Walking Lunges
Jumping Lunges
and many many more.

You can perform these exercises in a hotel room on a business trip, at the beach on vacation, or in the backyard at your grandmother’s house.

Do you have access to a hotel gym, or grandpa’s rustic weights? Or your Aunt’s treadmill?

Treadmill sprint
Dumbbell deadlifts (use two, outside your legs, like suitcases)
Dumbbell cleans
Dumbbell squats
Dumbbell thrusters or push-presses
Lunges with a weight overhead

And if you only have the outside to play with…

Running with sprint bursts up a hill
Running on the beach
Box jumps on park benches
Pull-ups on trees or monkey bars at a kids playground

What else can you add?

You’ve seen many whiteboard workouts with pull, push, hips, abs, jump, something overhead, and something on the floor. RFT (rounds for time) or 21-15-9 or 12 Minute AMRAP. Be sure to choose somewhere between two-, three-, or four- movements for each daily workout. Tomorrow is right around the corner for the other exercises. Write each WOD on a separate piece of paper. No excuses – you have to finish everything on your “whiteboard” and push your limits. 3, 2, 1, GO!!!

Most importantly, have FUN!!!

My Best,
Coach Matt

P.S. Here’s a 100 Travel CrossFit Workouts to help get you started.


Here are a couple of resource documents for the traveling CrossFitter stuck in a hotel or on vacation with the family.

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