Are You Ready to kickstart your health and fitness in 2018?

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Just Show Up, The Rest Will Happen.

Getting out of the bed in the morning is hard! Getting off the couch is hard!

Our program isn’t about being hard – it’s about getting started in a fun, motivational, and productive environment.

We’ll be with you every step of the way! Creating habits that stick.

Around here, health is not limited to, nor is it defined by solely working out. We believe that whole health encompasses a whole lot more, including healthy eating habits, proper nutrition, adequate rest, and an understanding of how your body works.

It is our belief that healthy people are happy people.

Come by today and chat with us. That’s it.

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We really mean what we say. There’s no pressure here. Sometimes we just get lonely and want somebody to talk to 😉

Are You Ready to kickstart your health and fitness in 2018?

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Book A No-Sweat Intro

I’m not a “gym” person.

Everyone starts somewhere, which is sets us apart from your typical gym. We focus on YOU and build a strong community of people with different strengths and weaknesses, that support each other with the one common goal: improving physical fitness and health! All are welcome.

I don’t want to get hurt?!

That’s the awesome part of our program – all movements have modifications – we can work with all abilities – we will meet you where you are, make sure you move well before adding weight or complex movements. It’s all about getting YOU to move well and are able to participate in our workouts, modified or not.

Every body is different; we each have our own history, our own imbalances, our own needs. Our focus is to provide you with what is best for your needs, whether that is Personal Training, Group Classes or a combination of the two. We strive to provide all our athletes with quality programming, attentive coaching and the tools to achieve your goals. CrossFit is universally scalable and this is why we believe that CrossFit truly is for everyone. CrossFit isn’t as scary as you may think and it’s our mission to welcome you with open arms and show you that training with us is right for you!

(If you’ve already read this far, then maybe you’re ready for a change.)

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Click Here To Schedule A No-Sweat Intro

Sign Up for a “No-Sweat Intro” today!

It’s simply a 15 minute appointment where we have a conversation about your goals. We’ll talk about what you want to achieve, what kind of challenges you’ve encountered in the past, and what we can do to help.

In addition, we’ll help you pick the right program tailored specifically for you. It’s what makes Chuckanut different from every other fitness gym out. We provide personal attention on nutrition guidance, goal setting with accountability and nurturing a healthy lifestyle while listening to you about your goals & ambitions.

We never pressure anyone to join, don’t we do contracts and truly want it to be a good fit for everyone.

No pressure, no commitment.

Come visit us. We love making new friends.

CrossFit Chuckanut
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m4ttJust Show Up, The Rest Will Happen.