Our OnRamp program builds
a solid foundation to ensure
you have long-term success
at CrossFit Chuckanut.
Getting started is simple.

Matt Ringstad, CrossFit Chuckanut
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*Test-Out option available
for experienced CrossFitters.
(See below for more info.)

CrossFit Chuckanut is FUN, and is accessible to all.

How do I get started at CrossFit Chuckanut?

For all new ‘athletes’, we start you with our 1-on-1 OnRamp program, 4 personal training sessions, which teach you the fundamentals and philosophy that comprise the CrossFit methodology. You will learn the basic ‘9’ foundational movements of CrossFit while gaining knowledge of our philosophy at CrossFit Chuckanut.

*Test-Out option is available to experienced CrossFitters. (See below for more info.)

  • Optimal Health And Fitness

    We start the OnRamp Program with a complete fitness evaluation, including a health history screening, body composition analysis, flexibility test, strength test, and nutritional analysis, functional movement assessment and well as preliminary body measurements and goal setting. We use this information to create a program specific to you and your fitness goals.

  • We Welcome All Abilities

    Our OnRamp Program is tailored towards getting people started from the ground up. No experience necessary. We build upon each session to create a simple and easy way to achieve success!

  • Goal Setting For You

    Here at CrossFit Chuckanut we have a huge emphasis on safety for our athletes and prospective ‘athletes’. Our OnRamp Program is the best way to build a solid foundation to ensure you have a long-term success at CrossFit Chuckanut. You’ll finish the OnRamp Program feeling motivated and ready to take over the world! A stronger, faster, healthier you is finally within reach.

It’s finally time to see what the hype is about.

Fitness and nutrition that makes sense … isn’t that nice for a change?

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OnRamp Program

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  • Includes All Materials & Workouts!
  • 4 Personal Training Sessions
  • Health History Screening
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Functional Movement Assessment
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Personalized 1-on-1 Consultation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why an OnRamp Program?

We emphasize the fundamentals of health & fitness, community, nutrition, safety and learning the CrossFit terminology. Our program allows an athlete to build proper motor pattern through repetition and frequency. We explain the importance behind scaling, intensity and virtuosity. Once you’ve completed the OnRamp Program, you will have the basic tools and understanding to lead you on your way to achieving optimal health and fitness.
There’s no better way to get started.

Isn’t CrossFit hard?

Getting out of the bed in the morning is hard! Getting off the couch is hard! What we’re trying to say is that this program isn’t about being hard – it’s about getting started. We’re never going to be able to eliminate hard work, but we will ensure that the work is increased in moderation to create a fun, motivational, and productive environment. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

What happens if I can’t do something?

That’s the awesome part of our program – all movements have modifications – we can work with all abilities – we will meet you where you are, make sure you can participate in our workouts. Everyone starts somewhere, which is sets us a part and builds a strong community of people with different strengths and weaknesses, that support each other
with the one common goal: improving physical fitness and health!

What if I don’t like the program?

Even though it’s never happened, you should feel assured that we guarantee this program 100%. If at any point you don’t feel like the OnRamp program provided enough value for your time or money, we will either refund your purchase price or do what we need to do to make it right.

Test-Out (*experienced CrossFitters only)

If you are already familiar with CrossFit methodologies and have trained in another certified location, you may be eligible for CrossFit Chuckanut’s Test-Out option. We offer a 30 minute private session with our trainers to review your fitness level and knowledge of CrossFit. If you are able to demonstrate competency in CrossFit movements, you may wish to consider this Test-Out opportunity. The cost for this 30 minute session is $75 per person. If you pass the fee will be added to your first months membership.

Come visit us. We love making new friends.

CrossFit Chuckanut
2227 Queen Sreet – Unit 3 – Bellingham, Washington 98229
(360) 389-3646